Welcome to TDP N.R.I Wing(Europe)

Ever since 2004 there is a noted decline in the fortunes of our beloved state. All the good work done by the TDP is being eroded. It is now important that all of us established abroad join hands together and work towards not only arresting the decline but also contribute to a push forward so as to bring back the former rate of growth within Telugu people. In other words we have to consolidate. We will use our experience here to voice our concerns and encourage our kith in kin back home to support the party, in which ever form, financial or otherwise, and more importantly at all levels. We must ensure that the voice of the community in our country of settlement is heardWe will also ensure that the voice of the community in our country of settlement is heard. And due to overwhelming response to CBN visit to UK in July 2007, UK and Europe ‘s Telugu community, who are and have been staunch supporters of Telugu Desam Party has voiced unanimously for a contact forum.

  • www.tdpuk.com is formed as an official site
  • It will the point of contact in UK & Europe for Telugudesam Party
  • It will promote and develop Telegu Desam Party in UK & Europe
  • It aims for Membership Drive vigarously
  • Request local residents to register their family  & Friends to vote for TDP
  • Setup local liason officers in and UK & Europe representing TDP
  • Organise Party related coferences throughout UK & Europe
  • Obtain opinions and suggestions through “forum” for the welfare of TDP
  • TDPuk will communicate through, text messages, emails, shop posters, pamphlets, mobile ringtones, promotional literature, cinema halls, party gatherings.

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